Sylvan Temple Drums — Canadian Freestyle Handmade Drums


Doumbek and Darbuka

10inch Darbuka.
Traditional Alexandria Tabla, Maple, 9" x 18" 10LBS
Maple Darbuka
9" Maple Darbuka 18" tall
10inch Darbuka.
10" x 20" Maple Doholla

Wood Ring.

These are a wood alternative to metal and ceramic- coated Doumbeks. Since every shell is free-hand lathe-carved from a round of wood, there is freedom in the design of each drum, and choice regarding the weight, size and sound qualities. The tuning rings are steam-bent Yew, and the shoulder cut allows for synthetic or natural skins. They are available in 6,8,9 and 10 inch diameters and feature outstanding brightness and precision, with the depth and warmth of wood.

$325 to $500
price varies depending on the size of the drum and wood used.

Chestnut Darbuka.
9" Chestnut Darbuka