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Tar, Bendir

peace, peace.
Cam-tuned Tar and Bendir
peace, peace.
Tar and Bendir back view
peace, peace.
15" Bendir

The Tar and Bendir originated in North Africa, and are similar to frame drums from the Middle East and Asia which go by many different names, such as Duff or Def. The under the Bendir's skin is a light snare which vibtates with the skin, while the Tar and Duff have no snare.
The shells are steam-bent, and are almost always made as strong and light as possible. The skin is usually thin and resonant, and can be synthetic or animal.

The tuning system is hand-turned cams or an internal key-tuned system. On all Bendirs, the snare can be adjusted and silenced. Jingles by request.

$180 to $400 depending on the kind of drum, its size, and the number of features requested.

peace, peace. Tar with synthetic skin and internal tuning
peace, peace.
Daf incert for Tar