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two cajon.

Two 13" x 19" Cajon, one with bass tube bass cajon.
16" x 16" Bass Cajon with upholstered top two cajon.
16" x 19" Round Bass Cajon with upholstered seat

$250 to $400 depending on the size and features.

For such a simple instrument, keeping it simple is hard! Sylvan Temple keeps it to a tunable guitar-wire snare system that can be silent when the bass note is struck, and a second, no-snare skin on the side or back. These are made from high quality Birch plywood.
For the Bass Cajon, there is a tube of varying length in the sound hole, which pressurizes the bass note, making it deeper and louder. These tubes can be used in any size Cajon and can be removed for a different bass sound. On the sides and edges of the instrument, percussion accessories can be housed.
Below are Goblet Cajons. When done right, any kind of goblet drum can have a wood skin...
Darbuka Cajon.

Darbuka Cajon -- a great practice Darbuka! Djembe Cajon
Alder Djembe Cajon

$150 - $400 depending on the size and features.